"found yourself into 3 parts:when u read His words,when u pray,when u look into death."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

. : sort of mine : .

I, Salmiah Haseng was born on 1st June 1987 in Tawau, Sabah. Since then, I stayed in Taman Semarak,Tawau along with my beloved father, Mr. Haseng Ahmad and mother, Mrs. Ridewana Sudin and my other 10 siblings. My eldest brother, eldest sister, second brother and second sister are working as a teacher in a public school around Sabah. My third sister just finished her degree from UUM.My younger brother below me is the most closes to me and is the only person that shares the same interest with me on many things. She has just started his degree in engineering computer at UMP, Pahang. My second last and youngest brother, who gave the most headaches in the family, will be sitting for SPM and UPSR this year. I hope he will do well in his exam. As for myself, I have been a student of IIUM (International Islamic University Malaysia) for almost 3 years, trying my best to complete my degree study successfully and I was expected to graduate in 2011. InshaALLAH.

I love reading novels and listening to music. Sometimes, here in IIUM, I play sports with my friends such as futsal and basketball. On weekend, we will go for day out together to watch movies or bowling. I also love photography and I am dreaming to have an SLR camera for myself.