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Monday, September 7, 2009

Chapter 5: Project Scope Management

Previous chapter it focuses on project integration management and for chapter 5 it focus on project scope management. In this chapter I learn on how to deal with scope in more detail concept. Like previous chapter this chapter also focuses on project charter and project scope management. The most important part of this chapter is I learn how to define a task for an activity and create the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) where we divide the task into smaller part so we have idea on what to do from time to time. Using WBS make us easy to divide any task for the activity for example we can put design interface, design prototyping and so on as the task for the design activity. After that, we can develop Gantt chart for each task that we already define. Gantt chart refers to the timing we need to accomplish each task.

It depend for us to decide how much time we need to finish one task maybe the difficult task we take longer time compare to an easy task. Last part of this topic is scope verification where the complete project delivers to the stakeholder. For me this chapter is simple because it focuses only on our project scope where we need to define step by step to ensure the completed project meet the scope requirements. The new thing I learn from this chapter is on how to create WBS because it is important to define even the small task for accomplish the project that follow the scope requirements.