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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chapter 12 - Project Procurement Management

This chapter is about Project Procurement Management.Procurement refers to get some goods and service from outside also same mean with outsource. There are some advantages and disadvantages of doing procurement some of the advantages are provide flexibility, increase accountability and so on, the disadvantages are it’s too depend on particular suppliers and not protect the information. The processes that involve in procurement are planning purchases, planning contracting, requesting seller responses, selecting sellers, administering the contract and closing the contract. All the processes involve are about to get the goods or services from outside of our organization. What is the most important when we want to involve on procurement our organization need to evaluate the best seller based on their request for proposal (RFP) or request for quotes (RFQ) and decide which company that have potential to become the services or goods vendor. As conclusion there are some advantages and disadvantages of procurement and it’s depend on the organization itself to involve in procurements or not. If they involve procurement they need to make sure the vendor that they request for goods and services provides the good service not only cheaper price but the most important is the high quality for anything that the organization request.