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Sunday, October 18, 2009

IT Project Management Tips

There is lots of IT Project Management tips I have learnt in class. From what I have learnt, I like to share with you all some of the tips. It is about tips to have better communication with Project Stakeholder Management. For your information, Project managers spend 80% to 90% of their time communicating. So we need to actively manage communication with the various project stakeholders.
There are four different strategies for the different groups of stakeholders. We need to know what is it and what it does. Below is some information about it:

  • Key Players - Manage them closely and keep them fully engaged
  • Important Stakeholders - Keep them satisfied. Don’t burden them with too much detail
  • Affected Stakeholders - Keep them informed. Communicate regularly to check that no major issues are appearing
  • Other Stakeholders - Monitor them. Communicate, but do not bother them with too much information
Further than this, we need to spend time and effort to improve our own communication skills in these important areas:
  • Written and oral (involving verbal and non-verbal communications skills)
Venues for communication:
  • Internal- with the project team and organisation
  • External- with the customer, the media, the public
Types of communication:
  • Formal - Reports, meetings
  • Informal - emails, conversations
  • Vertical - within the organisation and functional group (for example engineering, sales, finance)
  • Horizontal - with peers and other groups within the organisation

Hopefully these tips will help you in communicate with Project Stakeholders Management.

The Benefits of Learning IT Project Management
  • We can understand the growing need for better project management, especially for information technology projects.
  • We can know the role of the project manager by describing what project managers do, what skills they need, and what the career field is like for IT projects managers.
  • We can know what are the IT project software tools and describe how software can assist in creating an IT project.