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Monday, October 19, 2009

Reflection on Project Management Course

 What do I like best about the course?
§       The thing that I like best about the course is that this course teaches me how to be a good project manager. The whole course teach us step by step from the very beginning of initiating process to the close up process of doing a project.  In this case we manage to get the experience to be in the real project management team and do all the procedures by ourselves. This is a valuable experience for me.

 What do I dislike most about the course?
§        The thing that I dislike about this course is that this course has so many facts to be understood and memorize. Moreover, the course becomes dull when it is done at the wrong time which is from 5.30pm to 7pm.Psychologically this time is the time for our brain to relax and do some recreation. Instead we have to go class and pay attention to the lecture given by our respective lecturer. So it is very hard for me to pay attention. Furthermore the lecturing method is not interesting and is not a two way communication. The syllabuses to be covered also are a lot  which makes the course not fun to learn. Besides the student are not serious and the presentation made during class time is not formal and do not represent themselves as the real project manager.

  What are my proposed suggestions to improve the course delivery and content. If I had more time, what do I wish I had done differently for the course?
§         My proposed suggestion to improve the course delivery and content are by having a role play of some situation about the project management, giving the student some complex situation about project management to be solved and also having a two way communication of teaching in class. Which means the lecturer can ask students’ opinion about certain issues or the problems in project management. In this case I guess perhaps the class would be more interesting and the delivery would be more effective. Last but not the least is about the timing of the class as I mention above. If I had more time, I wish that It will be better if the class timing can be changed to a more suitable time for the students.